Effortless Cozy Home Decor Revamp for 2021!

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Happy Holidays! 2020 flew by! I’m sure most of you spent majority of the year at home – like myself. This holiday season, I decided to treat myself and revamp my home decor for Christmas. I went and bought a brand new tree and new set of ornaments to adorn. Not to mention a variety of other festive decoration pieces! However, it just still didn’t seem like enough! My walls were still empty and it just didn’t feel as cozy as I would like it to be.

That’s when I started looking at wall art from Desenio to fill my walls and to dazzle my Christmas corner. I’ve previously redecorated my bedroom at the start of 2020 and used their prints and they still look fabulous! I was ecstatic when I saw the variety of prints they had for Christmas! They also had this beautiful minimalistic gold frame to match! I knew it would be perfect for the decor I envisioned! So I went ahead and placed my order and it arrived promptly the following week. home decor prints The packaging is very neat and quaint. But, what I love the most was the paper material of the prints. It is matte and age-resistant! Which means the paper won’t change color even after I display it in frame through out the years! And I can always change up the prints and switch it around to convey different decor styles whenever I want! christmas decoration Look how perfect my little Christmas corner looks now! It’s definitely inviting for family to take photos here! Definitely made for the perfect post-card photo! christmas postcard photo Look at how gorgeous the night and day shots came out to be! Everything came out so lovely, even more so than I could have imagined! I also ordered a ton of other prints for after Christmas to replace the current ones I have in frame, so that I can switch up the look of my decorative corner! I love how just a few prints can make my home decor look completely refreshed!

If you are looking to revamp your cozy home for 2021 and want something effortless – get some prints and check out Desenio and use code “OPHELIA35” for an exclusive 35% off from Dec 22nd to Dec 26th midnight! *Not valid on frames nor handpicked/personalised prints!* PS: Check out the cool post I created on instagram with these prints here!

PS: If you’re new to my blog, WELCOME IN! Check this post out here for introductions and to learn 25 random things about me! Cheers!

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