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To my dearest:

Hey darlings! After about a little over a month with my iPhone X. I can finally do a review for it in terms of how well it works for the Blogger Babe! I know there’s a bunch of tech reviews out there, but I’m reviewing this strictly in terms of the usability for blogging and social media usage purposes! So if you want to know more, read on!

iphone x blogger flatlay

My story with it…

My previous phone was an iPhone 6, so it was pretty dated. Apps were running slowly and there were time lags, plus I was running out of memory. The final straw was when the screen just completely shattered days before Christmas! Now, my phone was definitely due for an upgrade. I was planning on getting the phone during it’s first release so I can review it quicker. However, le boy believes the first batch is usually problematic. So he told me he would wait to get it for me during Christmas. Alas, Christmas came and the iPhone X was safely delivered into my hands.

Why I chose the iPhone X

I have had iPhones since the release of the iPhone 3G. So I’ve had generations of iPhones. My blog work equipment also consists of a MacBook, iPad, and occasionally the Mac. So everything just backs up seamlessly over iCloud. I do pay $1 a month for iCloud to store all my data. I did contemplate on the Google Pixel 2, because it’s probably one of the best contenders on the market. Plus you get free storage! However, after years of using iOS, switching over to Android would prove to be difficult. Plus the convenience of everything I work with on one platform is definitely something I didn’t want to give up.

Capacity Review

As a blogger and social media influencer, it didn’t make sense for me to get the 64gb. My iPhone 6 was 64gb and the memory crashed the moment I started blogging. I knew I definitely needed 246gb. So I opt. for that one instead. In all honesty, for blogger babes, I would definitely recommend the 246gb over the 64gb. It is only $150 more and it gives you four times more memory capacity! If you’re already going to be paying for such an expensive phone, you may as well go all the way (given that’s what you need).

iphone x body

Body Review

I got mine in silver, because I’ve always gotten the white or gold variety. I do admit that the black looks sleeker as a whole because it flows much better. The front has this black edge, which I feel is a design flaw. I don’t feel like it’s aesthetically pleasing, especially when the screen is lit. The front and back are both glass displays which I feel is pretty, yet dangerous – kind of like a beautiful woman. Overall, as a blogger – I think that both colors are classic and work into your daily life with ease.

Size & Display

The front black edges mentioned earlier takes away some space of the display. If you’re transitioning over from a plus, you will definitely feel the difference. While the iPhone X has a 5.5 inch screen and the iPhone 8 Plus has a 5.8 inch screen, there is a significant difference in terms of display. As seen on the tweet below, this has definitely been an issue.


Now, I would prefer not to go with a Plus sized phone because I’m super minimal and the thought of carrying such a large phone does not appeal to me. Plus let’s face it, the 8 Plus would not fit into my cute tiny purses. So, I went with the iPhone X, which boast a bigger display than the 8, but the overall size not quite as large as the 8 Plus. That was the perfect situation for me. However, if you don’t mind a larger phone and would like more work space – the iPhone 8 Plus is a considerable choice for a cheaper price point as well!

iphone x camera


Now, this is a big one. One of the biggest reasons why I chose an iPhone X! It was for it’s camera. I’m sure this is something most of you blogger babes care about. How is the camera? I found the camera to be sufficient for every day use. In natural lighting, the photos are vibrant and beautiful. It becomes lacking when there is lack of light. However, the camera is still infinitely better than it’s predecessors and nifty to have around. Plus, the different photo options like portrait mode and the likes is a wonderful option to have – especially for street shots.



Can it’s camera replace a DSLR camera?

While the iPhone X’s camera is superb for a phone camera, I feel there is still some way to go before it can replace a DSLR. Heck. It’s definitely no DSLR. At least, not yet. Let’s see what Apple can do in a few years. If it can even close to replace my DSLR, I’d jump at it even if it costs 2k! The iPhone X functions well at taking flat lays, given the proper lighting. It also fares well when you’re taking photos of something close by. However, when there’s objects farther away and the photo requires more depth, the camera becomes lacking. Though it ultimately can not replace a DSLR, it does great as a back up tool. If you didn’t lug out your DSLR, photo quality on an iPhone X will not be detrimental to your overall social media feed. That’s a plus in my books – for convenience sake.

iphone x blogger editing


Many bloggers do quick edits of their photos on their phones before uploading to social media. The display size of the iPhone X is sufficient for this purpose. It also functions very well and feels seamless overall when you’re transitioning between apps.


Being a blogger babe, you’re probably always tapping away at your phone to post new things and reply to emails and messages like me. The new A11 Bionic chip of the iPhone X, makes everything super fluid. I’m able to quickly go through different apps, reply, comment, and send things out, however fast my fingers can take me! Without delay! This saves so much time considering the amount of messages and social media things I have to tend to on my phone!

iphone x battery

Battery Life

My phone is still too new for me to really dive into a true review about the battery life. However, it is sufficient for a busy day of use from your standard 9-5 work day without recharge. As bloggers, we are heavy users for our phones and go out for events all day. I found the battery to be sufficient, but I would still recommend carrying a smaller external battery or giving it a short charge when you have the chance. (But this is because I’m paranoid and can’t live a minute without my phone.) The upside is, you can now turn it on “low power mode” to save battery, even when you are fully charged! So if you know you have a full day ahead, you can opt. to turn it on from the moment you step out of the house! Pretty nifty I’d say!

iphone x face ID

Face ID

One of the most asked question is – just how well does Face ID work? Well… to me, it’s just alright. I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it. I honestly, prefer Touch ID over Face ID. This is because, with Face ID, I can no longer unlock my phone on the table while I type away at my laptop or sip my coffee. For a blogger, it’s important to multi-task. Having to input my passcode or just face my phone for a split second really defeats the purpose. Plus, I feel like Face ID takes longer to process and unlock.

iphone x price


The iPhone X costs $999 USD before tax for the 64gb version and $1149 USD before tax for the 246gb version. At the price point, I would recommend adding Apple Care + on it for $199 since it is deemed “the world’s most breakable phone” over the net. Apple Care + gives an extended warranty that lasts for two years and protects against two incidents of accidental damage. With Apple Care +, Apple charges another $29 fee for screen repairs and $99 for other damages. This is as opposed to $279 fee for screen repairs and $549 for other damages without Apple Care +. I got my 246gb version with Apple Care + for a little over $1,500 USD after tax. It’s definitely an expensive phone and basically the price of a bunch of camera equipment and even a laptop! So whether it’s worth it or not, really depends on you.


Problems I’ve had with the iPhone X

Over the weekend, I just got my little over month old iPhone X replaced. I was experiencing something the internet calls, “ghost touch” – where the screen just spazz and touches random things or just doesn’t respond to touch. I had this problem for weeks, so shortly after I got the phone. I waited out a bit and did resets and updated iOS to see if it would fix itself. However, the problem persisted, so I just had to make a trip to the Apple Store, which took a dreadful two hours.

The problem caused me to be locked out of my phone, couldn’t pick up phone calls, danger while driving because the GPS would be all over the place. On top of that, I could barely use my phone for blog work, which completely defeats the purpose of the phone.

When I got to the genius bar, they told me I was 15 minutes late for my appointment, but it was because of long lines to wait for check in. I was beyond annoyed at that moment already. Then I waited about 20 minutes for a specialist. When he came, he spent a good half an hour telling me it was probably a software corruption since there was so much data transferring from previous phones, that could happen. So he wiped my phone completely.

However, after that, I sat there to download some essential apps before heading out and the screen continued to be unresponsive. I flagged my specialist down and he finally ran a software test on it and said it is probably a hardware issue then. So he had to replace my phone.

I later googled that there are some cases where the screen hardware will have issues like this if the phone gets exposed to extreme cold weather. I’m thinking it might be the week after I got my phone when it was around 20°F and I tried to take some photos. Honestly, it wasn’t that cold. If I could survive it wearing no jacket for a photoshoot, I would hope my phone could too. And the fact that it potentially didn’t irks me. Especially for a phone that I had for a month and paid 1.5k for.

iphone x


The iPhone X delivers and does what it promises when it doesn’t have problems. There are little issues that bother me, that may not bother you. However, the little issues are something that I can choose to live with. For blogging purposes, it’s a wonderful phone. Work space is great and the camera functions well. It’s a convenient and easy to use device.

However, I would just make note of the fragility of this phone. It’s definitely a phone you have to be careful with. You also should consider the possibility of taking time to visit the Genius Bar if any issues are to come up. Remember, this is the first of it’s kind for Apple – so there are definitely little things that aren’t perfect. For the price – many would expect perfection. However, we are not in the perfect world now, are we? So definitely factor in the price point to determine if this is a phone that is workable for you. It’s also up to you, whether you feel like the iPhone X is worth the investment for your blogging career. For me, it’s the model that works best after much consideration – so I ultimately paid the price for it.

Hopefully this was helpful and answered any questions you, blogger babes or anyone has about the iPhone X! Don’t hesitate to write back with any questions and comments! I’d love to hear from you!

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