Happy Pre-Launch!

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To my dearest:

Thank you for dropping by on the pre-launch of Sincerely Ophelia! (First post starts tomorrow!) I’m so excited to embark on this journey with all of you! I hope to be your one stop shop for everything fashion and beauty related! I encourage you to write to me with anything related to the topics so I can write back to you in my next post if I can! I’m starting this blog to inspire and be inspired by others. I strongly believe that sharing nurtures growth. So don’t be afraid and let’s share on and grow together! I’m your average every day kind of girl – down to earth and easy to talk to. So, I’m hoping you can feel right at home here!

I’ll be posting every Monday and Thursday. And there will be occasional surprise hump day posts on Wednesdays! I hope my little blurbs will get you through your week just a tad quicker!

Enjoy! Follow my instagram, facebook, twitter, pinterest, and lookbook! Keep in touch!

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