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It’s March 2021, and we are officially a year in, since COVID-19 really hit us. Are the travel bugs biting you yet? It sure has been for me. So I decided to take a local glamping trip to Eastwind NY! I figured driving in as a couple would be safe and being in nature would be even safer and more serene. It’s also the perfect getaway from the work from home environment I’ve been in this year (Imagine, cramping at home all year just working in front of the computer… I know, don’t we all feel it?). Further more, it’s only a 2.5 hour drive from New York City. So I figured why not, what have I got to lose? And then, I embarked on this journey.

eastwind lushna cabin

I arrived to check-in pretty late – around 8:15pm. The check-in is in the main building where their bar & restaurant is also located. Since COVID, they’ve made check-in contactless though. They text you your cabin number along with the passcode and some itinerary suggestions. You can also text them throughout your stay if you ever need anything. So it’s even more convenient than hotel dialing to the concierge. There is a parking area and you do have to walk to your cabin. It is a short walk that is just a few minutes, but it definitely reminded me of my usual cabin camping trips that I usually have in the summer time.

eastwind ny(Left: View from inside the Lushna Cabin looking out. // Right: View from outside Lushna Cabin.)

lushna cabin daytime

Leboy and I booked for the Lushna Cabin, which is their special cabin that is by designers – Peter Licen and Marjeta Fendre. They describe it as, “Scandinavian notion of camping without sacrificing comfort”. It also boasts views of scenic nature. It was as described, the bed was quaint and the views beautiful. However, the only small qualm I would have with it – is that it really is small in space (it fits precisely one bed). That, and the bathroom is a short walk outside. It was probably less than 10 feet, but when you need to use the loo at 3am in the morning and it’s cold… well, it hits a different type of way.

You can always opt for a Lushna Suite at a higher price point that will be bigger – includes common space, porch, and bathroom within the suite. But, leboy convinced me the try to be as camping as possible to glamping. So, we decided on the cabin instead of the suite. So no real complaints here.

eastwind ny sauna

glamping sauna

Eastwind provides some exclusivity that you won’t get elsewhere in addition to the beautiful views you get from the Lushna Cabins. They also have two sauna rooms nestled in their woods area. So you really get an experience like no other. To access it, you just have to text them and make sure no one else is using it, and give them 20-30 minutes to sanitize and clean it for you. You can also have campfire and s’mores under the stars with mulled wine. In the evening, you can request them to start your fire and they will also bring you a s’mores kit along with warm glasses of mulled wine (this is in the Winter, not sure if they have other season equivalents). They can also bring you blankets so you can sit by your campfire while star gazing. Overall, I really enjoyed this.  

lushna cabin eastwind ny night


Location: Eastwind is located right by Windham Mountain – a great place for hiking, ski, snowboarding, and snow tubing activities. It is also right by the town center with many dining options. Both are less than 5 minutes drive away. If you’re staying more days, you can easily venture to Hudson, NY and Catskills, NY and both are less than an hour drive away (30 mins to 45 mins). It’s a a very quaint location and I would definitely go back to experience their Suite another time!

Comfort: Minimalistic and clean. Bed feels soft-medium. Pillows are a bit soft. I would’ve preferred to bring my own memory foam pillow. Bathroom lacks shelving to put personal belongings.

Staff friendliness: Very friendly and accommodating. Always available by text. Super responsive and will always make suggestions for you.

Price: Fair and comparable to surrounding glamping experiences. The modern big-windowed glamping experiences are generally on the more expensive side. However, this boutique hotel is good value for what it has to offer. Prices may vary depending on availability and season. If looking for Lushna cabin/suites experience, make sure to book in advance! 

Watch a preview video of the experience here!


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    I love this place, thank you for sharing! It looks absolutely magical, will definitely check it out

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