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As a city dweller, I’m always surrounded by the constant back to back schedule with a lot going on in the back of my head. So much so, that it’s ingrained in my personality to constantly be processing chunks of information and trying to pencil in my schedule and make appointment times. The fast pace surroundings of the Big Apple is not exactly helpful either. That’s why from time to time, time off and being away from the city are what I need to unwind and relax.

However, sometimes, we just don’t have the leisure of taking a week trip on a cruise to the Caribbeans! Or we don’t have that four to five day time to travel to Europe to sit at cafes and just read a book. When I wanted some quiet time away from the buzzing noise of the city, I considered Getaway.House.


Getaway.House is an innovative camping experience “designed to bring us back to our elements, immerse us in the magic of the woods, and challenge us to rediscover the pleasure of boredom, solitude and unstructured time.” I took the opportunity on Thanksgiving to visit the site!


What’s cool about it is that you get to live in a small cabin with an excellent view of nature and a your own little patch of nature to yourself. Another thing to make note of is: in order for you to have a true unplanned serene experience, they do not expose where the location of Getaway.House are, until a week prior to your check in! How cool is that? They’ll however, give an estimated time of travel to you. They also have on their website, instructions on how to get there by public transportation. My team and I drove there late evening and it took about two hours to get there.

getaway house directionsgenius-pack-luggage

I unpacked my essentials and felt right at home! It was such a cozy cabin when I stepped foot in as the winter chills in the woods were really brutal!


Upon arrival, I saw on the table, a sweet welcoming message along with a box to lock away my cell phone for quiet time. They also provided a booklet for doodling with mini game ideas, as well as cards for some old school games. I loved lighting some candles and just relaxing inside the house. I arrived in the evening, unwind, and drifted into dream land.


The next morning was the sweetest rise and shine one can possibly ever have. I woke up to this scenic view of the nature. Simply breathtaking. It’s like the woods were beckoning me. I felt super refreshed and was probably in the best mood ever. I slipped into my warm and cozy Del Rossa robe and hit the start button of my morning!

ningo toy poodle getaway housedel-rossa-blogger-dog-getaway

For this trip, I brought my pup, Ningo with me and he was definitely enjoying the cozy bed as well! He is such a sleepy head. I was glad Getaway offers the opportunity to take your fur-baby on the trip as well, all for only an additional $15 fee. It was a great price as most hotels charge a hundred or more just to accommodate a pet. This was also his first trip ever and I can say that he’s a happy camper! His favorite things to do were frolicking around the cabin area outdoors and snuggling up on the bed.

getaway-house-kitchenmorning omlette getaway house

As I traveled by car, I packed a load of food for this trip. I was happy the kitchen was able to accommodate to my cooking needs. It was well equipped with two electric stoves and a working sink next to it. Condiments such as olive oil, salt, pepper, balsamic vinegar were provided. there was also a small mini fridge below the stove.


If you decide not to pack a load of food like I did, they have provisions in the cabin that can last you a day or two. This includes, pasta, pasta sauce, soup, chips, and more. Although I packed food. I took advantage of the Kuju drip coffee to start my morning off.

After breakfast, I started my shooting for my Erdem x HM Look Book.

getaway house explore

After shooting the look book, I was glad I still had time to walk around the camp site area and do some exploration. The views all around were full of nature and vibrancy of foliage. Definitely refreshing! Every guest had their own little patch of land, so I just walked around the trail. There are hiking trails and more a short drive away, but because I needed to do some work, I didn’t have enough time to stray far. However, the small trails here are enough for an average city dweller to just take in a breath of nature.

getaway house fire site

Before night fell, I headed back to our cabin to prepare for dinner. In the back of every house, there were picnic tables and a little site for camp fire. There is also a grill for cooking as well. I would advise to bring some aluminum foil if you plan to use the grill. It’s much more sanitary and easier to grill vegetables on. After my failed attempts, it was lesson learned! However, the grill did make a mean charred steak! Firewood does cost $6 per bundle, but a bundle should last an evening for the most part and the price includes the fire starter. It’s a good experience to have and so fitting for the mood too!

smores getaway campfire

We ended the night with the s’mores package Getaway provided. It included a pack of graham crackers, two chocolate bars, and four marshmallows. Making s’mores at a live campfire is not to be missed for a full experience at Getaway. It definitely ended my night on a high note.

The next morning, it was time to leave. It was definitely not a “good bye”, but more of a “see you soon”. I was so in love with the place. It was like my own serene haven and I can’t wait to be back.

ningo toy poodle blogger getaway house


Travel Time from NYC:
Approx 2 Hours. Public Transportation Available via AMTRAK then taking a short cab ride.

Comfort: Clean and comfort beds with ample amount of space for cooking and cleaning.

Location: Beautiful and serene. Definitely a great place to take in nature, go hiking, build a camp fire and more.

Staff friendliness: Very accommodating and helpful. You can call or text them at any time when you need something. Though, it is best if you reach out to them before 4pm if you know you need something in advance.

Price: $150-$175 for up to 4 people per cabin, 7 days a week. They’re usually fully booked on the weekends as they have limited availabilities, so if you’re looking to visit on a weekend, you need to book WAY in advance.


PS: Some of you asked about the bathrobe. It’s from Del Rossa. Feel free to use “OPHELIA5” for 15% off. (Valid until 2/14/18)

Thank you for dropping by this week! Hope you all enjoyed the post and found a nice place for a getaway! Write back and let me know, if you know other spots you love to visit to get away from a busy life! And if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask! Talk to you all soon!

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    Awesome place. We’d love to go there. The price of $150-$175 is just for 24hrs of stay?

    • December 6, 2017 / 7:40 PM

      It’s one night like any hotel. Check in is either 3 or 4pm. Check out is 11am.

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    This getaway looks incredible! The s’mores kit is a nice touch. And you can’t beat that morning view – it’s cinematic. Love the maroon coat on you, too!
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