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Thank you for dropping by again! Happy Hump Day to you all! As promised from last week, today, we will be continuing on our Chanel segment! Last week I reviewed my Chanel WOC. This week I’ve dug up more information on it to inform you all of the different size comparisons and the price increase.


Here are the three Chanels that I currently have in my possession. The red one on the left is a small lambskin Chanel Boy in demure red from 2014. The bottom is the Chanel Trendy CC WOC from the Fall 2016 collection. The large one on the right is a vintage classic Chanel double flap in a small size.

Let’s Talk Size.

You can already kind of see the size difference between the three. The WOC is obviously going to be the smallest of the three.

chanel boy-woc-double-flap-side-by-side

And this is how they look from above. You can kind of tell the difference in width from this view.

chanel boy-woc-double-flap-side-by-side

On the side, you can really tell the difference between the three.

The 2014 Chanel Boy in small is actually a lot flatter in width than the current offerings of the Chanel Boys. I’ve had people asking me what bag it was because it looks like a boy, but the size is different. Chanel started making their small boys slightly wider on the side these last few years. The current width would be comparable to a Chanel Rectangle Mini.

However, I think with smaller bags, especially if you choose to wear cross body at times, it looks better if it lays flat against your body. Hence, my love for my 2014 Chanel Boy over the current Chanel Boy offerings. I also really like the fact that it is non-quilted and just smooth lambskin. To me – less is more. Sometimes, quilted Chanel is too much for my taste.

In terms of what I could fit inside each bag. The 2014 Chanel Boy and the Fall 2016 Trendy CC WOC actually fit the same amount of things. It’s an illusion, that the 2014 Chanel Boy would fit more than what the WOC has to offer.

With the Chanel Double Flap in small (which is the current medium size), although it looks bigger, it actually does not fit much more. This is because it’s more structured with more compartments and calls for more leather. The size is just the thickness of what is made of the bag, rather than the actual space you will get. For the size difference, the Chanel Double Flap fits about double the amount of the items you could fit inside the Trendy CC WOC or the 2014 Chanel Boy if you play tetris with it. If you just shove things in, it would fit perhaps half the amount more than what would fit inside the other two bags.

chanel woc-rectangle-mini

Another size comparison that we could make is between the Chanel Trendy CC WOC and the Chanel Mini Rectangle. This is the two side by side. You can see that the Mini Rectangle is ever so slightly bigger.

chanel woc-rectangle-mini

When comparing the sides of the Mini Rectangle, and the two WOCS (Trendy CC WOC, Boy WOC) You can see that the Mini Rectangle is probably double the width of the WOCS. It looks to be about triple, but that’s cause the bags are unstuffed.

chanel woc-rectangle-mini

When you open it and look at it side by side, you can see that the Mini Rectangle is indeed twice the width of a WOC in the interior.

Let’s Talk Price.


This lambskin Trendy CC WOC is currently available in Chanel boutiques (this one spotted at the Madison Ave store in NYC). The current price for this is $2,700 USD. After NY taxes, it would be about $2,940. I got mine in 2016 for about $2,700 USD after tax. So the price difference within this year is about $240.

While shopping, I really wanted to take this home! But I had to agree it looked too similar to my current quilted one.


At the same store, I also spotted this gorgeous Chanel Chevron Boy WOC in Caviar. Now this one, I really wanted to take home! I liked how durable this was and I loved the color combo! Not to mention, I’ve been hunting for a full cover WOC like this one! This is definitely one that I would add to my collection. But I’m saving for Paris in May, so until next time, my love! This one is retailing $2,500 USD. After tax, it would be about $2,720 USD.


Now, I found out that the Classic Chanel WOCS are also $2,500 USD. There is no price difference between caviar and lambskin. The price raise for classics are always more drastic. Last year, it was $2,100 USD before tax for this baby. However, this year, the price increased to a whopping $2,500 USD before tax! That’s a $400 increase!

Now, what you pick will really depend on what you want. If you want a classic – get it sooner rather than later! Because the price will always increase on it quicker! But if you truly want a seasonal piece, go for it! Remember, seasonal pieces are rare and in limited quantities! There’s no right or wrong investment in this. It all comes down to what your heart really wants.

My Opinion & Tips on Buying Chanel

Chanel Flatlay

Now, Chanel will always be a luxury item and a piece to invest in. It doesn’t come cheap. But, it’s also a worthy investment considering the price goes up every year! If you keep it in decent condition, the resell value is high! You are more than likely to resell it for the price you paid for or more later down the years. So it’s like you were able to have this luxury piece for no price at all. That is, IF you can let it go.

If you want a starter Chanel bag, the WOC is your best bet! It’s quite roomy for what it is and is probably the best bang for your buck. Here are the price comparisons between the pieces as of 2018.

Chanel WOCS – $2,500-$2,700+ USD
Chanel Boy Small – $4,300+ USD
Chanel Mini Rectangle – $3,300+ USD
Chanel Double Flap Medium – $5,300+ USD
Chanel Double Flap Small – $4,700+ USD

Keep in mind that the size and amount of things you can put in these bags are very similar. In my opinion, a Chanel WOC and the Chanel Mini Rectangle is the best choice you can go with if you want a smaller bag.

If you fancy the Chanel Boy design, a Chanel Boy WOC will put you at $2,500 USD as opposed to $4,300 USD. If you fancy the double flap design, or just want a little more space than a WOC – the Chanel Mini Rectangle is a fabulous choice. It’s spacious for what it is and the price point is significantly cheaper!

For me, I’m definitely a WOC collector! They’re just so fun to collect, as they come in so many different textures and designs. I plan to have a collection of at least 3 WOCS (maybe 5 lol)! I’m also wanting to collect a mini square or mini rectangle!


Well, that’s it for now, loves! If you have any more questions about the bags or need advice or help shopping for Chanel – do not hesitate to reach out with any questions. I look forward to hearing from you all and have a wonderful weekend! Things to look forward to next, would be Valentines and NYFW! Don’t miss it! XOXO

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    January 11, 2019 / 3:25 PM

    Hi Ophelia! I love all of your posts and would love your help! My husband just surprised me with the Trendy WOC in Chevron black, however, I am dying to have the quilted Trendy WOC. I called my SA at Saks and he said he couldn’t get one. I then called Chanel customer service line, who was no help at all. How can I find it?! Please help.


    • January 11, 2019 / 3:28 PM

      Hello Phoebe,

      Thank you for dropping by my blog! Congrats and you have the sweetest hubby! I would say to call up all your department stores and ask. Each season’s offering is also different. So if they don’t have it this season in the color you want, you won’t be able to find one. Your best bet would be shop vintage in that case.

      PS: I’m dying for a new Chevron one!

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    December 7, 2020 / 11:36 PM

    Hi Ophelia I’m having a hard time deciding between a white Chanel chevron caviar woc with shoulder strap or a white shiny grained Lacquered WOC with regular chain. Which would you do?

    • December 21, 2020 / 3:20 PM

      Hi Cali! Thanks for stopping in! I would love to see some photos to compare! Hard for me to tell without em! I know I’m responding kind of late. Which one did you end up getting?

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