To my dearest:

It’s Ophelia! I’m just a happy-go-lucky girl living life in NYC, with a big heart for the love of life. I adore many things, from: Beauty, Fashion, Food, Lifestyle, to Travel. Life’s really a bundle of joy for me! I am a free spirited girl who likes to live life. I seize the moment and do things I am passionate for in the moment. Hence, I’m super spontaneous.

I also love sharing all of me. Through out my life, I’ve had many aspirations – all of which, I can share my creativity, thoughts, and emotions through. My mother works in the fashion design industry in New York City, and since young I’ve been inspired by her to study art. I was studying art and fashion up until High School, ambitious that my designs will one day change the world!

That was all until my passion for music blossomed. With the fork road ahead of me, I decided to go for music. I was in a band, won competitions, performed, got a Bachelors degree in Music, and even landed a record label deal. At this time, I aspired for people to see the world I see and feel the emotions that touched me, through my music.

Then I ventured to the realms of beauty pageants and participated in three consecutively. The experience led me to top finalist and titled Miss. Congeniality for all that mattered. I simply enjoyed sharing my talents and thoughts on stage for my audience. Looking back, life was a real adventure and it was a ton of fun! No regrets!

However, all the options pushed me to relocate and I’m a true New Yorker at heart. Unable, to leave my roots, I struggled to find a medium where I can share all of who I am. That’s when I found blogging. Fashion and beauty is an every day thing for me in my previous engagements in fashion design, music, pageants, as well as modeling – which I also dabbled on. It was the perfect way for me to share and inspire, while engaging with wonderful people!

Through this blog, you will see fashion, beauty, and much more through the eyes of a fun-sized petite Asian girl living in New York. I hope to share my petite styling tips and reference, as well as my fashion sense to you all. Enjoy, and let me leave you a fragment of my musings. The adventure is just beginning and I invite you to live vicariously through me.

Height: 5′ 2″
Apparel: XS/S | 0-4
Shoes: 6.5-7.5